Helping Recovery Become Reality


Vocational Services is central to the LESC outpatient and residential treatment models. At admission, we screen each individual, develop customized vocational treatment plans, and assess the kinds of vocational involvement for which clients qualify and have interest.

VCS provides vocational counseling and job readiness training. The process culminates by fulfilling the VCS objective of assisting clients to find and sustain employment thereby helping them become self-sufficient members of the community.

Gainful employment has long been recognized as a reliable indicator of long-term recovery. To optimally advance LESC clients along their recovery journeys, VCS is collaborating with LESC Social Ventures to launch the Vocational Instruction Program, our new trial employment treatment program.

The Vocational Services VIP Program will provide a training ground for clients to implement what they learn on the job and in the VCS job readiness workshop series. Being accountable for performance in the work environment will better prepare our clients to re-enter the New York City workforce as an important component of their overall treatment success.

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