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Helping Recovery Become Reality

Su Casa Short Stay program is a 6 to 12-month residential program for men and women who seek to stabilize their methadone medication assisted treatment in a safe and stable environment. Short Stay is tailored for people who temporarily require more than an outpatient program can offer, and who need a more intense and focused modality to get their lives and recovery back on track before returning to their outpatient treatment programs.


Our clients are provided a safe environment while receiving the best care possible by an experienced and dedicated staff.

Clients have a counselor assigned to provide guidance, support, direction and learning throughout treatment, and the staff and residents stress personal responsibility for individual advancement in the program. Peer pressure and group interaction are regularly catalysts converting personal insight and criticism into positive change.

Clients are encouraged to focus on their treatment issues in group and individual settings. Topics typically discussed are education, social skills, job training, housing, money management, marital and family counseling, legal issues, and vocational assessment and placement..


Short Stay treatment is not all work though. The MTAR program is not all work though. Residents consistently enjoy delicious and plentiful meals, family visits and events, exercise, entertainment, culture and many social connectedness and life skills learning opportunities, such as: Kung Fu classes, acting classes, Yankees and Mets baseball games, talent shows, amusement park visits, and poetry readings.

LESC has specialized in recovery and wellness programs for opiate dependent and mentally ill New Yorkers for decades, and our one-of-a-kind Short Stay program is a stand-out! We designed this very special residential methadone maintenance program as a fresh start for people to regain hope and lives filled with structure, self-esteem and self-sufficiency.


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