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Primary Healthcare Services are critical to LESC treatment plans by helping clients to live healthier lives and lifestyles. Our doctors, nurses and case managers expertly care for and treat people for whom medical treatment is often sporadic and administered only in emergency situations. Our skilled medical team understands and appreciates the value of maintaining wellness for successful substance abuse and mental illness recovery. Our Primary Healthcare Services include: Hepatitis C, hypertension, diabetes, routine gynecology, family planning, smoking cessation, screening and treatment for HIV, as well as health maintenance and treatment for acute illnesses.


HIV Testing and Counseling Services is another important primary healthcare program, which offers confidential services to our clients living with HIV/AIDS. Within the treatment community we are known as CTRPN, and provide Counseling, Testing, Referral and Partner Notification. HIV services are widely required in drug treatment and our HIV Testing and Counseling Services offer important pre and post-testing, education and counseling on risk behaviors, prevention, and treatment.


To communicate the importance of overall medical care, our staff conducts educational programs on living healthier lifestyles necessary for sustained recovery.

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