LESC outpatient treatment offers treatment with a lower level of intensity to people wishing to live and function in the real world while benefiting from outpatient recovery services. Our outpatient treatment plans are convenient and effective. Our process encourages clients to accept the responsibility of working with our experienced and sensitive treatment practitioners to fully address their rehabilitative needs, goals and best interests. 

Opioid Recovery Services (ORS) is our LESC outpatient chemical dependency program for people requiring medically assisted methadone treatment and the tools and care necessary to restore their lives and lifestyles. For clients wishing to transition from methadone-to-abstinence, ORS provides the Millennium Program for outpatient methadone-to-abstinence treatment. With methadone medication or our Millennium Program, our clients break the vicious cycle of addiction to become more productive citizens and neighbors.

Dual Recovery Services (DRS) is our LESC outpatient treatment program for people seeking recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, people living with co-occuring chemical dependency and mental health disorders, and families and friends of people struggling with these diseases. Among the best programs of its kind in New York City, DRS offers clients recovery, health, hope and balance for their lives.

Social Work Internships are provided with clinical caseloads with a co-occurring disordered population. Interns have the opportunity to provide individual and group treatment within a best practice model. Interns in our program gain the experience of assessment, engagement, and treatment planning, and they are an integral part of the admission process. Social Work Interns receive weekly supervision and attend a weekly seminar involving topics pertaining to the mental health and addiction fields. To find out more about this program, please contact Jackie DeCarlo, LCSW at 212-566-7706.

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