LESC Represented at the Egg Dome, Albany, NY

On April 8, 2016, Lolita Silva-Vazquez, represented LESC as part of the Mount Sinai PPS (Performing Provider System) project 3.a.i. leadership team. Lolita, along with her 3 co-leads, Dr. Sabina Lim, Dr. Lauren Peccoralo and Dr. Brian Wong, presented at the statewide All PPS Meeting hosted by the Department of Health (see photo above - Silva-Vazquez seated at far right). Since 2014, LESC has been a member of the Mount Sinai PPS. Lolita has participated as a co-lead on one project, and Jackie Vargas, VP, Human Resources, has participated on the PPS Workforce Committee. In New York State, there are twenty-five Performing Provider Systems within the state’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program that are led by hospitals or other organizations. Implementing DSRIP in New York State is one of the ways recommended by Governor Cuomo’s appointed Medicaid Redesign Team to transform the Medicaid System. DSRIP’s purpose is to fundamentally restructure the health care delivery system by reinvesting in the Medicaid program to improve population health and reduce avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5 years. Since November of 2014, Lolita has been a co-lead of the Mount Sinai PPS Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care project. The integration project includes three models, 1) Integration of Behavioral Health (mental health and substance use treatment) into Primary Care, 2) Integration of Primary Care into Behavioral Health services and 3) Collaborative Care which screens for and treats depression in a Primary Care setting. Together, the project coleads and several partner providers have worked over several months to develop systems and work flows. They have also identified and developed tools to help providers work towards integrating behavioral health and primary care services to address the needs of their patient populations. As a result of the progress that the leadership team and partner providers have made, Lolita and her co-leads were invited to present their work at the All PPS Meeting at the Egg Dome, Albany, NY.

April 8, 2016