Chinese Continuous Day Program Visitor Testimonial

"You and your staff have done an outstanding job in designing programs and running groups."

August 23, 2018

Dear Ms. Lai,

Two months ago I visited the Chinese Continuous Day Program at your agency. It was an exciting and eye-opening experience. I was very impressed with the work you and your co-worker have done with your program.  

As a social worker at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, I understand the challenges of working with people who have chronic mental illnesses. You and your staff have done an outstanding job in designing programs and running groups. I was privileged to be in the group with you and your clients. I was able to hear their personal stories of recovery – how sick they were in the past and how stable they are now. I was deeply moved to see your clients praising one another and caring for one another in the group. I felt the warmth when two of your clients saw my need and gave me water and a tissue as I shed some tears. Even though it was my first time in the group, I felt welcomed and accepted. I could tell that your clients felt secure and trusting in sharing their thoughts and feelings in the group. They had insights into their illnesses. They accepted who they were and continued their recovery in the community. Thank you for showing me the cards your clients had made. I am so glad I purchased some of them. The cards are still sitting at my home because they have become one of my treasures. 

I admire your passion that is so evident in the work you do with your clients. Our community needs more cultural programs like yours to support clients and their families on the road to recovery. Thank you for showing me the amazing work you have done with your clients!

Best regards, 

Siu Ying Woo
Social Worker II, LCSW, Bensonhurst Inpatient Unit