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Dual Recovery Services (DRS) is New York City’s highly regarded outpatient treatment program specifically for: 1) people seeking recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, 2) people living with co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health disorders, and 3) families and friends of people struggling with these diseases. Our clients find genuine and fulfilling help while in treatment at our program bringing recovery, health, hope and balance to their lives.


DRS generates unparalleled positive treatment outcomes by employing a distinctive personnel strategy. First, we employ professionals who are certified social workers cross-trained in both drug and alcohol abuse treatment and mental health counseling. Second, our first-rate treatment team offers ample time to treat each and every case so our clinicians can spend the necessary time for effective and meaningful therapy. Third, each client’s treatment richly benefits from access to our on-site Psychiatrist. These are client advantages rarely, if at all, available in the New York City area.


When our clients first come through our doors, they are welcomed and immediately begin collaboration with their treatment team to target their treatment goals and develop their personalized treatment plan for a successful recovery. Capitalizing on our highly qualified treatment staff, clients are engaged in individual, group and family therapy sessions building understanding, structure and equilibrium in their lives. These sessions address many challenging issues, such as: co-occurring disorders, relapse as a part of recovery, and abstinence.


As our treatment team moves clients further along their recovery journeys, they help them to help themselves cope with obstacles including: health, social connectedness, family issues, anger management, life skills, legal issues and job readiness. Many of our DRS clients are mandated from court systems around the city, and our treatment program focuses specifically on their unique challenges and issues.

Along with the intense effort required for DRS clients to advance their recoveries, they also enjoy program activities for fun and balance in their lives. DRS groups visit museums, go to movies, have pizza parties and especially enjoy their DRS graduation and receiving their program graduation certificates.     

DRS offers clients real benefits, including healthier, more fulfilling lives; drug-free status, more optimistic futures; and the ability to have ‘a fighting chance’ and ‘get back on their feet.’


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