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Su Casa

Residential Programs

MTAR, Short Stay and PWIP

Please call us at 212-566-7590 or email us at: Sabrina Mangual

Admissions Criteria

Candidate Must:

Be currently dependent on an opiate (heroin or pain pills)
Have no involvement in outside activities that impede TC treatment

Be motivated to actively participate in a residential therapeutic community
Be at least 18-years of age
Be able to communicate in English
Be ambulatory - able to negotiate stairs and occupy an upper bunk
Have no history of arson, homicide, rape or child molestation

Paperwork Required:

Personal identification - including, but not limited to, birth certificate, drivers license,
social security card, benefits card, program card, green card if not a U.S. citizen
Blood work
PPD (Tuberculosis test) and/or chest X-ray
Health assessment
Currently prescribed methadone dosage verification letter from methadone clinic
Psychosocial assessment
Toxicology report
A psychological evaluation is required if client is on psychiatric medication

Outpatient Programs

Opioid Recovery Services:
Please call us at 212-343-3584 or email us at: jholder@lesc.org


Admissions Criteria

Paperwork Required:

Two personal identifications (one must include a photo) including: name, address and date of birth
Candidate must be 18 years of age
Written verification of opiate addiction for at least one-year
Written verification of treatment attempts
Substance abuse treatment program records if currently in treatment
Dual Recovery Services:
Please call us at 212-343-3522 or 212-343-3520 email us at: Shilt@lesc.org

Admissions Criteria:

Candidate must:

Be currently using, or have a history of substance abuse or dependence on, but not limited to:
crack,cocaine, heroin, alcohol, sedatives, amphetamines and marijuana
In addition to a history of substance abuse, client may have a history of mental illness as we
specialize in co-occurring disorders and provide psychiatric treatment

The candidate must not be in need of acute hospital care, acute psychiatric care, or other intensive
services that cannot be provided in conjunction with outpatient care
Be a significant other or family member whose life is being affected behaviorally or emotionally
by an alcohol or substance abuser, this is regardless of whether the addicted person is in treatment


Paperwork Required:

Two personal ID's, including, but not limited to, a photo ID
Medicaid card
Referral letter (if one is available)
Candidates referred from a methadone program, must have a signed consent form
and a referral letter from their methadone program

Screening Interviews:

Please call Theresa or Gathline at 212-343-3520 or 212-343-3522 to arrange a screening
interview during the hours listed below:

Monday 10:00AM - 12:00PM
Tuesday 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Wednesday 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Thursday 9:00AM - 11:00AM
Friday 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Pencer House

A permanent supportive housing development for single men and women with limited income.
Individuals must be referred by HRA/HASA

Please call us at 212-982-7282 or email us at: sbernstein@lesc.org


Admissions Criteria

Pencer House residents must be referred by the New York City HRA/HASA.

Paperwork Required:

Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Medicaid/Public Assistance photo ID
Verification letter from Agency that referral is homeless
Award letter SSI/SSD or PA budget letter


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